Review written on: February 12th, 2006

Elizabethtown Review

Ok guys. Your favorite female person will be wanting you to sit through this one with them some day soon, so be ready. Elizabethtown, by director Cameron Crowe, has hit the DVD rack and the words “Chick Flick” have surfaced once again. I somehow usually end up liking “Chick Flicks” although I don’t often admit that around the office or to my manly guy friends. Elizabethtown has all the elements of a “Chick Flick”….two attractive well known stars, romance in their eyes, the full range of emotions, and fun and laughter.

Here we have Orlando Bloom, starring as Drew Baylor, and Kirsten Dunst starring as flight attendant Claire Colborn. Drew is on the verge of committing suicide when he finds out that his father has past away and he has been selected by his family members to go to Elizabethtown, Kentucky and make arrangements for the funeral proceedings. On his flight there he meets an annoying Claire who seems to be a serious stalker type. Drew is welcomed to town as a local celebrity (because of his career in the tennis shoe business) and he gets to reacquaint himself with all of the strange family members that he hasn’t seen in many years. He hooks back up with Claire, deals with the passing of his father and, you guessed it, love is in the air.

The female members of my family liked this much more than I did. I really was not impressed with Bloom’s acting and he seemed a bit uneasy and stiff. His emotions appeared to be forced into action and were unnatural. Dunst was fine, but so annoying that I would find it hard to believe that Bloom would consider calling her and meeting up with her. Susan Sarandon’s character, Drew’s mother, was upsettingly loopy, learning to fix cars, do ballet and cook in just the few days after the father’s death. I did enjoy Alec Baldwin’s small role as Drew’s boss. Why Jessica Biel was wasted in this movie is beyond me.

The film did have some memorable funny scenes that had us laughing. Remind me not to have a band come and play “FreeBird” at my funeral with a stuffed bird flying around on fire overhead! I felt the movie was a little drawn out, perhaps trying too hard to make us like the movie. Overall guys, I think you can sit through this one without falling asleep or wishing you were slitting your wrists. Just sit and relax, smile, laugh a few times, forget the movies flaws and make that special lady happy that you are there with her.


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