Employee Of The Month
Review written on: October 8th, 2006

Employee Of The Month Review

Have you seen the trailer for this movie, on TV, online, anywhere? Probably. If you’ve seen any of the few trailers that have been around over the last month or two, then there’s absolutely no reason to go see this movie. Why? I’m glad you asked. Due to the movie execs spending every dollar of their advertising budget, and every second of Dane Cook’s life pimping the movie out on every late night show imaginable, there’s absolutely nothing left in the movie to see, that you haven’t already seen.

Don’t get me wrong, the movie definitely has its funny points, including references to REO Speedwagon, and a Billy Joel song. Dane Cook, and Dax Shepard are hysterical in their leading roles, as anyone who knows them would expect. Though I know both of these guys had more in them, that they had to hold back on, to keep this movie rated PG-13. I would have liked to see this as a rated R movie, to see where it would have gone. Would there have been more swearing? Yep. More nudity? Probably. More gay bashing jokes? Most likely.

The all important question, did Jessica Simpson suck as bad as she did in Dukes of Hazzard? I can’t say for certain, as I don’t hate myself enough to ever watch that movie. However, I can say that she was tolerable. She played her part perfectly. Say cute lines when needed, expose breasts almost to the point of showing nipple, when directed, and play the ditzy person we all know she is. Did she pull it off? Yes, she plays herself wonderfully. Let’s face it, if her dad (who also produced the movie, big shock) didn’t make anything out of her life, the only place she’d make it working, would be as a cashier somewhere.

Gripes about the movie, Mike? Yep, I’ve got a huge one, thanks for asking. I counted eight seperate instances of seeing a boom mic in the shot. Yes, eight. Is that a lot? You bet your butt it is. And these weren’t “Did I just see the boom mic?” instances. They were more “Hi, I’m a boom mic, why don’t you stare at me for the next thirty seconds” instances. Professional? Hardly. Whoever was the directory of photography, as well as editor of the movie should not only be fired from working on a movie ever, but should also be kicked cleanly in the teeth. How does something so major get by everyone involved? How embarassing.

The bottom line, the movie’s very funny, if you haven’t seen all the trailers for it, and I would definitely recommend seeing it. My only complaint is that I’m the only one who laughed at the following joke:
Semi:(The giant security guard, and by giant I mean fat) No, I don’t know where Zack is.
Vince: (Dax) I bet if he were covered in chocolate, and had a creamy nougat center, you’d know exactly where he is.

How did no one else find that funny? It’s a fat joke people. Seriously, even though our entire country is overweight, we can still laugh at ourselves. That’s a damn funny joke, and perfectly delivered by Dax. Good job Dax, you’re funny.


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