Review written on: December 16th, 2007

Equilibrium Review

If you’ve seen Equilibrium, you probably thought the same thing I did, “Wow, that was a lot like The Matrix.” And you’re right, it is.

While you all know that we here at MovieSnobs think Christian Bale is awesome, Equilibrium did little to add to our affection of Bale. While he does indeed pull some bad-ass stunts, and kick-ass fights, Equilibrium tries just a bit too hard to be that movie.

The entire cast is a well put together group, including bit parts from Dominic Purcell, Sean Bean, William Fichtner, Angus Macfadyen, and Emily Watson. The whole story, however, focuses around Christian Bale’s Preston, and Taye Diggs’ Brandt. Their intertwined onscreen battles and verbal assaults on one another is fairly well written, and put to film.

I couldn’t help but feeling that the entire movie was just trying too hard to be the new Matrix movie, and that it didn’t really have a voice of its own. It struggled to make things work, where they should have come easily, and been more believable.

Don’t let me dissaude you though, there are some awesome fights, and kickass action scenes in this movie. While a good portion of it is pretty boring, there are some scenes that could have been in one of the Matrix movies. In particular, a scene in the dark, where Bale’s Preston enters a room, and manages to shoot a dozen or so armed men, without getting shot. The scene shortly thereafter, where he explains the “positions that are less likely to get shot,” and how it works was well thought up, and interesting to listen to.

If I hadn’t been on a quest to see and review all of Bale’s movies, I doubt I would have even bothered watching this movie. The premise didn’t interest me, I have a fond disliking of Taye Diggs, and had never really heard about this movie at all. I enjoyed it at the time, but thinking back on it now, I doubt I’d ever watch it again. I’m sure, back in 2003, when it first came out, it was an amazing movie. But since movie making has come so far in the last (almost) five years, Equilibrium just seems a bit subpar.


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