Evan Almighty
Review written on: June 24th, 2007

Evan Almighty Review

I like Steve Carell and I know that he has wonderful comedic ability and all, but I wish he would star in a film that’s totally out there. Wouldn’t that be great? Well, at least we get to see him with long white hair and beard in a tan robe in his new flick!

Steve fills in for Jim Carrey in this sequel to Bruce Almighty as Evan Baxter. The former television anchorman is now a Congressman and moves his wife (Lauren Graham) and three sons down to a swanky suburban neighborhood in Virginia. He’s not exactly what you would call “earthy”. His entire life is now in a little bubble, and he wants to keep it there. Success is super-important in his eyes and he focuses on that!

There’s a little nick in his plan, though. God (Morgan Freeman) drops in and drops a bomb. He wants Evan to build an ark and prepare for a great flood, just like in the biblical story of Noah, pairs of animals and all. While executing his mission, Evan starts to freak other people out, especially his family, who really have no clue about what?s going on in his head.

As one of Evan’s admin staff, Wanda Sykes was the only real light for me in this movie. I laughed my ass off in every scene she was in. That would have been a really interesting flick if she were the lead protagonist. She totally stole the show!

All in all, as I expected, it wasn’t that great. Typical and formulaic. Nothing shocking or surprising, with a nice happy ending. You know what? If you want to see it, rent it. That?s your best bet.


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