Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver
Review written on: June 23rd, 2007

Fantastic Four: Rise of The Silver Review

Why, oh why, oh why? Did we really need another one of these movies? Another boring, unimaginative, uncreative, lame attempt at an action flick based on comic books? Did we really need another one this summer? It’s bad enough we’ve gotten force fed another Spider-man movie, but now another Fantastic Four movie.

I could have done without seeing this movie. I could have done without wasting the money. The studios probably could have done without even making this movie. Why did they? I am completely baffled.

I’m amazed about a few things from this movie. Namely the inconsistency of the special effects. At times there were scenes where I thought “I could do better than that.”, and at other times I exclaimed “wow, that was pretty cool.” Some of the effects looked really tame, and subpar for a “big time” movie. While other effects were done well.

The cast, while full of semi-talented people, are terrible in this movie. Their lines aren’t cleverly written, nor delivered. The on-screen chemistry between everyone (except Michael Chiklis and Chris Evans) is terrible. We’re supposed to believe that Reed and Sue are getting married, and they’re in love. I hardly even believed that the two actors liked each other, let alone were characters in love. If I recall from the first movie correctly, Von Doom was killed. Strangely enough, he’s magically (and unexplainedly) back to life, and wreaking havoc in the sequel. You’d think that would at least warrant some form of explanation, no?

Overall, this movie is a big “skip”. Don’t bother renting it, or watching it, or Netflixing it (yes, I just made Netflix a verb), or anything. A total waste of an hour and a half, that I’ll sadly never get back. At least my popcorn was hot.


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