Review written on: February 14th, 2006

Firewall Review

Let me preface this with:

Dear Harrison,
You’re just about 64 years old. You are no longer an action star. Please stop accepting roles as such.
Thank you,


Dear Hollywood,
While we appreciate that Harrison Ford is infact Indiana Jones, and always will be.. Please stop casting him as an action hero. He’s an old man, for God’s sake.
Thank you,

So, Firewall. Let’s see. Ransom + Die Hard 3 + Swordfish – all the good stuff from those movies. Yep, that’s about right.

While I wanted to like this movie, I just couldn’t. The story itself could have been interesting (let’s face it, I’m a technology geek), but it just wasn’t. Harrison Ford is his usual “Harrison” self.

My biggest complaint was that Hollywood followed suit and made the bad guy (Paul Bettany) British. More and more movies have come out in the last 14 months, where the bad guy, no matter the movie, is British. Doesn’t say a lot for England, now does it?

Firewall failed to appeal to my geek side, in fact it downright fell short of tingling anything technological in me. Minus the “tech” movie name, the movie wasn’t really technical at all. It’s just basically about criminals getting someone who works at a bank to help them rob it. Hasn’t this been done to death? Let’s stop regurgitating movies, and calling them original works, and do something that’ll really wow me, and dazzle me. Firewall didn’t come close.

This movie can definitely get scratched off your to-do list, your Netflix list, and any other list it may have been on. It’s a bore. Even the “action” scenes had less action than a triple-A baseball game. Stay clear of Firewall, it’s a Fire-bore.


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