Fun With Dick and Jane
Review written on: December 21st, 2005

Fun With Dick and Jane Review

Unfortunately for Dick and Jane, corporate scandals and a receding quality of life aren’t really very much fun. Even worse, the movie that Jim Carrey produced about their life isn’t very much fun either.

From over exposing previews of this movie we know that Dick (Carrey) has his life turned upside down when his company crashes and leaves him with zilch. Consequently Dick struggles to provide for his family and eventually resorts to crime, justified by the fact that he’s followed the rules all his life and now has nothing.

Not a great moral for the kids, but definitely funny, and fortunately morals don?t have to fit into comedies. A good script would help though, and this one falls a bit short. Carrey and Leoni do well as a couple, and the family scenes in the film are worth a laugh or two. Considering how funny Jim Carrey can be though, I felt a bit let down.

If there were a saving grace worth going to see, it comes at the end. It’s not as entirely predictable as some of Hollywood’s products, and is certainly more of a societal commentary than you would expect.

Jim Carrey is funny, Tea Leoni is cute, and it somehow wasn’t enough. I was supposed to be laughing at model Americans robbing stores at gunpoint, not remembering the Enron scandal. There is a fine line there, and this film failed to walk it.


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