Garden State
Review written on: May 10th, 2005

Garden State Review

Simple. I loved this movie. Everything about it. The cast, the writing, the performances. They were all amazing. From the moment I put this movie into the DVD player, I fell in love with it. Not simply because I think Zach Braff is a kick-ass actor, or the fact that Natalie Portman is super hot. Those were just additions to the benefits of this movie.

In his directoral debut Braff put forth a great effort with Garden State. From what I’ve gathered, and read up about this movie, it is loosely based on Zach’s childhood growing up in New Jersey. I feel the movie hit home with a lot of guys in their mid twenties, because it’s true. Though it’s based loosely on Zach Braff’s life growing up, I feel a lot of people can relate to how his character felt in this movie. I know if I were to go back home after ten years of being away, it would be very similar to this movie. Awkwardness between family members, the strangeness of seeing old friends from high school again. Those same people that you said “I hope I never see them again,” when you moved away.

Natalie Portman was cast in the role of Sam, the love interest. According to Zach Braff, he had originally wanted Natalie for this role, but though he had “no prayer in hell to get her” into it. Luckily for him, and everyone who loved the movie, she agreed to do it. Seeing Natalie in this role was a nice change, after the last thing I had seen was Star Wars. It’s nice to see a “big star” playing a “down home girl,” playing someone normal. And she did a great job of playing this strange character that Braff had written.

Overall again, I say I loved this movie. If my better half hadn’t disliked it so much, I would watch it at least twice a month, just because I loved it so much. I highly recommend this movie if you like movies that will make your heart flutter, and a tear come to your eye. A classic story about a happy couple, with a happy ending. Not the typical type of movie that I like, but in this case, I enjoyed it. Thoroughly.


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