Good Luck Chuck
Review written on: September 30th, 2007

Good Luck Chuck Review

The most painfully unfunny hour and a half thus far this year. For a movie that boasts itself as a “comedy,” there’s little to nothing that’s actually funny about Good Luck Chuck. I honestly have no idea why I even bothered seeing this movie, I’m still trying to remember why I bothered.

Good Luck Chuck is about a dentist (played by the extremely unfunny, and untalented Dane Cook) who is a “good luck charm” for women who sleep with him. After they sleep with him, the next man they date, is the one they marry. Chuck has no problem with this, until he meets Cam, (played by an under-utilized Jessica Alba) the love of his live. The story continues, blah blah blah, romantic crap, the end.

Being someone who’s never worked in casting before in my life, I think I would have had a better chance at casting a better match than whoever cast Alba and Cook. They have the on-screen chemistry of orange juice and toothpaste. They’re not funny together, they don’t compliment each other well, you don’t believe they’d ever end up together in real life, they’re just two people thrown on-screen together, who you’re forced to believe are in love. I had an easier time believing Alba as a superhero who can turn invisible, than a woman falling in love with Cook’s crappy dentist character.

The movie’s boring. The entire time you just sit and think “How much longer can this movie possibly be?” It’s about 93 minutes too long. The story’s not clever, and not funny. Someone at the studio should have shot it down, before it even made it to their desk. The conversation should have happened as such:
Script writer: Hey boss, I’ve got this great idea for a new comedy.
Studio boss: Yea? Fill me in.
Script writer: Okay, it stars Dane Coo…
Studio Boss: You’re fired, get out.

I mean, seriously, come on. People stopped realizing Cook was even remotely funny about five years ago. Who cares if he has a million friends on MySpace? Who cares if he sells CDs to people who don’t know better? Who cares if he has a special on HBO? I certainly don’t, and you shouldn’t either. Cook is unfunny, and untalented. He is not an actor, he’s barely a comedian.

Good Luck Chuck is a suck-fest, to the extreme. I wouldn’t recommend this movie to someone whom I hated, and wanted to make them kill themself. This movie is so bad, that even now, thinking about it, I want to drive to Dane Cook’s house, light a bag of dogshit on fire, and throw it at his front door. I haven’t hated a movie this much, since I saw Broken Flowers. And it sucks that I hated it so much, because I generally like Jessica Alba. She generally picks good movie roles. Not this time.

Chuck is a waste of time, energy, and thought. Stay far away from this crap fest. No one should see this movie, ever. You’ll thank me.


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