Grace Is Gone
Review written on: May 29th, 2008

Grace Is Gone Review

It just seems like John Cusack gets better and better, the older he gets. He picks fantastic movies, with amazing stories, and just nails performances. After seeing 1408, I thought I’d seen his best performance. I had, until now.

Cusack brings Grace is Gone to a whole different level, a level of realism, and pain, and life. You feel this amazing connection with him right from the get-go, and you feel the pain when he has to tell his daughters that their mother was killed in the war.

John Cusack plays Stanley Philipps, a husband and father to two girls, twelve and eight. Stanley and his wife were both in the Army, but Stanley left not long ago. When Grace (the wife) is shipped off to the war, it’s tough on Stanley, and the kids, but they deal. Until the day Stanley has the Army men show up at his door, and deliver the bad news.

Stanley decides that instead of telling the girls right away, he’s going to take them on a trip. Throughout the trip, he’s simply trying to find the best way to tell his daughters, that their mother had died.

The story is a bit dragging at some points in the film, and overall it’s not really what I’d say is the most amazing story to tell. However, the performances of Cusack, and the two girls (O’Keefe, and Bednarczyk) simply put this movie where it needs to be, on my DVD shelf. It’s unfortunate that the theatrical release didn’t come to my area, or I would have seen this movie months ago.

If you’re a Cusack fan (as I am), this movie needs to be seen. It’s depressing as hell, but absolutely worth seeing. John is simply amazing.”


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