Hide and Seek
Review written on: October 8th, 2005

Hide and Seek Review

As established in the review for War of The Worlds and Man On Fire, I’m a fan of Dakota Fanning. I think she’s super talented, and adorable. Speaking of talent, this movie’s also got Robert De Niro. Only the largest friggen actor of our generation. And let’s not forget that chick from Adventures In Babysitting. How could we? That movie’s a cult classic.

Given the talented cast, and how predictable the commercials for this were, I figured it’d be a big dissappointment. However, I was wrong.

I remember seeing the previews for this and going “I totally know how it’s going to end.” So, seeing as I how I knew it all, I decided to pass on it in the theater, and wait for the DVD to come out. So, along comes the DVD in our Netflix queue, and I put it off for a few weeks, citing more “important” movies I wanted to watch. However, when the time came to watch it, I was glad I did. The point where I knew I was wrong about my assumption was about half way into the movie. Once I got to that point, I started watching more closely, for clues. Any inkling of what would give away who the bad guy was. But alas, nothing. No clues that I noticed.

I was wrong. At the end of the movie, once you find out the real story, you get a glimpse back to the clues, almost in a flashback sense, to show you “haha, dumbass, you didn’t see it coming”. Almost Sixth Sense like, where they show you all the red objects at the end of the movie. This one flashes back, as well, and you go “holy crap, how did I not see that?”

The movie’s not something you need to watch more than once. Once you know how it ends, it’s not something you can watch over and over again to be entertained, like Mallrats or Empire Records. But overall, the movie was way better than I thought it would be. I’d absolutely recommend getting this movie on a cold, rainy night, when you and some friends want to turn the lights out and see who gets creeped out first. De Niro rocks in this performance, Dakota puts on a great show as well. There wasn’t anything about this movie I would have wanted to change, if I was involved with it.”


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