Review written on: December 16th, 2007

Hitman Review

After all of the previews and awesome posters for Hitman, I had been so excited to see it. I love Timothy Olyphant, especially when he’s playing a baddie (Scream 2, Live Free Or Die Hard), so while I’m unfamiliar with the video game, I was excited that he was playing Agent 47. Unfortunately, the movie just didn’t deliver.

There was barely a plot, which I usually expect from action movies like this, but usually the amount of action and the badass-ness of the main character make up for the lack of plot. In Hitman they don’t. Don’t get me wrong, the stunts were cool and there were gunfights and explosions. They just weren’t enough to make up for the almost nonexistent plot. There’s a swordfight on a train that’s pretty cool, and one truly awesome explosion that includes Agent 47 jumping out a window, but that’s it. No memorable car chases or insanely cool fight scenes. I must mention that the hot sidekick (tagalong, more like it) does get topless, so that’s a plus for the guys. But she’s obnoxious as hell, and softens the hard shell of Agent 47, which is what makes him so interesting.

Timothy Olyphant was good. I’m not familiar with the game, so I can’t say if his casting satisfied fans of the game. He performed well using the material he was given. Same goes for Robert Knepper (T-Bag from “Prison Break”) – he’s an incredibly talented actor who was underused in this flick. Dougray Scott…well, he was in Ever After and the failed TV show “Heist.” I wasn’t expecting much.

If you’re not a die-hard fan of the game, this one is skippable. If you must watch it, borrow it from a friend. I wouldn’t pay to rent it.”


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