Review written on: June 29th, 2005

Hostage Review

At first I was skeptical about this movie. Seeing Bruce Willis as a cop other than John McClane was hard to chew at first. But as the story progresses, you get to like him more. I didn’t grow to love him, but I did grow to enjoy the performance. The kids in their roles were great. Jimmy Bennett (Tommy), was great. He reminded me a lot of Hayley Joel Osment (that poor kid’s 15 minutes are definitely up, though). I like seeing a little kid be a semi-hero in a movie. Especially a movie with Bruce Willis in it.

The story was good. Not that this type of action movie hasn’t been done before, because let’s face it, it’s tough to make a new movie these days that hasn’t already been done by someone, somewhere. But it was a good twist on a regular old hostage situation. The whole twist about the bad guys being bad guys, and the worse guys being worse guys was pretty cool. It sort of had that “everyone against Bruce Willis” feel to it, much like every other Bruce Willis movie ever made. I see a trend. Poor guy, getting type cast, Demi left him for Ashton Kutcher of all people, anyway I’m getting side tracked.

The movie was good. About halfway through I got that “we need to shut this off, I don’t like it” feeling, but I stuck it out, just to see what would happen in the end, and I’m glad I did. It definitely redeemed itself within the last half an hour or so. Given, I generally hate movies with predictable endings, where the main characters live happily ever after. I so enjoy a good movie where at the end, everyone you wanted to live happily ever after gets killed, or abducted by aliens. But for some reason, this one felt okay. I wasn’t angry at the end. I wasn’t waiting for the bad guy to jump up and start shooting people.

Director Florent Emilio Siri did a good job on this, for his first American film. The directing and producing didn’t stand out a great deal in my mind, because as I said, anyone can make an action film. In a world of Michael Bays and Steven Speilbergs, it’s tough to stand out in that genre.

Overall, I liked it. Would I have seen it in the theater? No, and I’m glad I didn’t spend the $10 to see it there. Luckily, I love my Netflix subscription almost as much as I love cake.


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