Hostel: Part II
Review written on: June 12th, 2007

Hostel: Part II Review

In case you forgot, or didn’t know, Eli Roth can make you want to vomit. In a good way, of course. Hostel: Part II delivers. And delivers hard.

It’s no secret that I didn’t really care for Hostel, the first time around. I felt cheated with the first movie. Very lack luster, after all the hype that’d been built up around it. Luckily for me, studios now realize that Eli Roth’s not just some kid with a video camera, and that he’s quickly becoming the staple in “gross out horror” movies.

While Hostel: Part II definitely takes a while to get moving, once it does, you forget about the previous hour you just spent bored. Aside from a quick death at the beginning of the movie, to “clean up” the character who escaped from the first Hostel flick, there’s no “real” death until just before the hour mark. The first death we see, while I won’t tell you which character it is, is gruesome. In a fantastically twisted, not-for-your-mother’s-eyes type of way. Blood covers every inch of available screen in the first death, which to me, was the best death scene.

After the first death, the movie progresses quite quickly. Once our main character, Beth (Lauren German) realizes her friends are all missing, she starts to panic. Not long after, she gets nabbed as well. While Beth and Whitney (Bijou Phillips) are awaiting their fate, we get to follow Stuart (Roger Bart) and Todd (Richard Burgi) to the complex where all this hatchery takes place. It seems a bit more sophisticated than the first run around. There’s armed guards waiting at the gate, security cameras, the whole nine yards. Maybe that was there the first movie, I just missed it, who knows.

I have to give it to Eli Roth, he’s made the first “horror” movie since The Descent, that I’ve liked, and enjoyed sitting through. Not only is it gruesome, and vile, but there’s actually a great twist ending, to boot. Sure, you’re thinking “it’s a horror movie, don’t they all have twist endings?” Yea, I guess you’re right. This is more of a turn of fortunes, than a twist, I suppose. The commercial prompting the “biggest twist of a horror movie, ever”, isn’t really accurate. However, I really liked what Roth did with the end of this movie. He took everything you were expecting, and 180’d it. Do I normally like surprise endings? No, not really. Roth took it, made it his own, and definitely ran with it.

I normally can’t fully endorse a horror movie, since they’re so typically cheesey, and boring. However, if you enjoy new-age horror movies that are only in it to gross you out, not scare you, Hostel: Part II is your flick for this summer. Sure, the Saw Movies are great, each year when they come around. And I heard Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning was pretty great, too. But, right now, this moment, if you wanna feel faint, be freaked out, and want to throw up… Hostel: Part II is what you need to buy a ticket for.


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