Hot Fuzz
Review written on: April 22nd, 2007

Hot Fuzz Review

Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is the pride of the Metropolitan Police in London. His abilities and accolades are numerous and still growing. He has an arrest record that is beyond impressive. In short, he is the perfect cop. He’s also pissing off everyone else in the department, because he?s that good.

His bosses (much to the delight of his fellow officers in the precinct) decide to transfer him to Sandford, a sleepy, yet lovely little town in the country. Nicholas is obviously distressed by the news, along with his breakup with a long time girlfriend.

The residents of Sandford all enjoy the tranquility of their town, and do their very best to keep it that way. They are friendly and very welcoming, but absolutely determined to keep the peaceful atmosphere alive. Meanwhile, Nicholas’ fellow officers, including wannabe super-cop Danny Butterman (Nick Frost), are a tad square and a bit daft for their chosen professions. They consistently butt heads with Nicholas, whose mere competence makes him the most qualified to serve.

Now, in Sandford, there isn’t a high crime rate. After all, the biggest offenses consist of underage drinking (which the local pub-owners don’t think is such a big deal, but produces some hilarious dialogue), and a missing town mascot. Tough place, huh? What?s the downside? The accident rate starts to get a bit too high.

Some of the town’s colorful citizens start to die in really screwed up ways, and of course, Nicholas thinks there is something fishy going on. Showing up at the most inopportune times is supermarket manager Simon Skinner (Timothy Dalton), and he’s getting a little too close for comfort. True to form, the other cops believe Nicholas is thinking a bit too hard, and that these events couldn’t possibly be deliberate. Hmmm?

I completely misjudged this film! What I probably loved the most was just how absurd and twisted the entire thing was. It was pretty violent, with a lot of deaths and gore, but plenty of humor was added to diminish the shock of it. The reasoning behind all of the events and the resolution of them could only be created and executed by someone absolutely brilliant. This showed some definite determination to think outside of the box. Combining the wit that British comedies are known for with unbelievable action, you couldn?t help liking it! I haven’t laughed that hard at a movie in who knows when! Run to see it!


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