House of D
Review written on: November 19th, 2005

House of D Review

Get ready to add “The House of D” to your rental queue. You will be treating yourself to some very nice performances that help carry this fairly decent production.

I personally think that Robin Williams is genuinely gifted in acting and performing in general. This movie highlights his range of characters and characters of any age. David Duchovny, who is the writer and director of this movie, co-starred in this coming of age story but young actor Anton Yelchin stole the show. He plays the young Tommy while Duchovny plays the grown up version of the same person. Williams does an awesome job of portraying Tommy’s friend Pappass or “Pap Ass” as Tommy liked to call him. Tea Leoni does a noteworthy job of starring as Tommy’s mother, Mrs. Warshaw. I really don’t think the show could have been cast any better so lets give Duchovny some props for not putting some lame talent around him to make him look better.

The plot goes something like this – Tommy is a young lad growing up in New York in the year 1973 with his mother who is greatly suffering from the death of her husband. Tommy seems to look out for her more than she takes care of him. Tommy has a best friend who is a mentally challenged adult, and the two of them deliver meat by bicycle around the city. Now, the movie gets its name from the “House of Detention” that is home of a woman that Tommy strikes up a relationship with. He never sees the woman but they yell back and forth to each other, as she helps him learn about adulthood and girls. Near the end of the movie, the story takes us to present day, where an older Tommy needs to go back and tie up loose ends and frustrations of his youth.

This is a very emotional movie that may have you crying and laughing. The storyline is good but as I have said, it is not its strongest point. From emotional points of Williams being called a retard to hilarious points where Williams is doing his best to act normal and calls someone else a retard, this film has a little of everything. You will also feel the pain of a woman in agony over the death of her husband and the way it tortures her until her bitter end. I’m sure that you will be glad you picked this one up.


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