I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer
Review written on: August 18th, 2006

I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer Review

Straight to video? Yep. Jennifer Love Hewitt? Not a sign of her. Serial killer with a hook? Yep, got one of those. Sadly, there’s nothing in this movie that should have driven the movie makers to make this film. There’s nothing new here. Same as the other two, unimpressive killing, a Michael Myers-like killer, not very many jumpy moments.

I liked the previous two movies. Not just for their scary factor, or that their casts were fairly well put together, but just that they were overall good, well made movies.

The third installment, I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer stars a bunch of no-name actors (so no-name that I couldn’t even find most of their pictures online to put on our site), with very little to no acting abilities. If you’re going to get no-name actors to star in a movie, do it ala Final Destination 3, get a bunch of kids who are nobodies, but can really act. That was a fun movie. I’ll Always Know What You Did Last Summer, not so much.

The story, the same as always. Kids do something bad, the fisherman finds out, starts sending the messages, scares them, tries to kill them. Nothing new here. No imaginative ways of killing anyone.

Same flashback sequence dream type scary parts. Same boring drawn out “suspenseful” moments. Overall, I hate to say it, but this movie seriously sucked. I had a hard time sitting through the whole thing. A couple of film students with a Sony DV cam, and two would-be writers could have done better with a budget of fifty bucks.

Why did they make this movie? I don’t know, honestly. What would drive someone to make a straight to DVD video, with a bunch of nobodies, when the first two movies did so well, with big name actors on the big screen.

Going to see Accepted this afternoon, hopefully that’ll make up for the suckfest I just sat through this morning.


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