In Bruges
Review written on: March 2nd, 2008

In Bruges Review

In almost every other movie involving criminals, the offenders usually lay low somewhere seedy and quiet, while on the lookout for someone who might be after them.

Ray (Colin Farrell) and Ken (Brendan Gleeson) are a couple of unlikely professional killers who, upon orders of their unseen boss Harry, are sent to take cover in one of the most unlikely of places: a small town in Belgium.

While Ken reveals himself as a Renaissance man who genuinely appreciates the culture and architecture the town has to offer, Ray is thinking more about meeting chicks and pounding down a few in the local pub. Down the line we learn about the men’s separate ?crises of faith? if you will, not just about what he did and who he is, but who he’s victimized. That’s when the still-unseen Harry (Ralph Fiennes) shows up to finish what needs to be finished.

Keep in mind that while it has some somewhat thoughtful moments, this was a comedy. I laughed at how their bumbling natures went against type, as well as some of the crazy antics they get into. Think little people, drinking, drug use, and jealous ex-boyfriends? all against the backdrop of one picturesque European location! Surprisingly, Farrell can pull off comedy! He should try it more often.

I truly enjoyed this film, and I think you will, too! Plan a trip to see this!


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