Into the Blue
Review written on: October 19th, 2005

Into the Blue Review

I’m a fan of any movie where they’re trying to find buried treasure, or tracing steps of a treasure map, or the such. This instance falls right into the same category. Jessica Alba, Paul Walker, and Scott Caan are the main cast members, all of whom do a good job. Given, no award-winning performances here, but that’s not what they’re shooting for, with this type of movie.

The premise of the movie is all about scuba-diving treasure hunters who’re looking to strike it rich. While searching for buried treasure, they come across a sunken plane full of millions of dollars worth of cocaine. The story goes on, the drug dealers want it back, they threaten lives, fights ensue, underwater explosions, the whole nine.

Though this particular line of the the story hasn’t been done before (underwater), the whole premise of good guys versus bad guys over buried treasure has been done to death. I can honestly say I enjoyed the new view on it, being that it’s based in the water. And Jessica Alba in a bikini for almost two hours doesn’t hurt the eyes. What the movie was lacking, however, was a better plotline. I almost felt like it was entirely too predictable, even with their thrown in “twists”. Still nothing too impressive. I’m convinced the writers of this movie set out to just make a fun movie about buried treasure, but the Hollywood-guys decided that wouldn’t sell, so they spruced it up with some bad guys. Mistake, if you ask me.

Overall, I enjoyed it. Two hours seemed a bit lenghty, and I’m sure they could have cut a few scenes here and there out, and no one would have missed them terribly. But the story was half-way decent, the cast did a good job with their limited roles, and the production of the movie was decent (aside from the ever-so-obvious fake shark attacks). It’s a safe bet that when this one hits Netflix, it’s well worth your queue.


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