Iron Man
Review written on: May 3rd, 2008

Iron Man Review

I’ll be honest in saying that I wasn’t expecting to be blown away by Iron Man, and I more or less got what I was expecting. The movie’s good, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not Batman Begins good. If you want to compare it to other comic books that were turned into movies, Iron Man doesn’t hold a candle to Batman Begins. Though it does kick the crap out of crapfests like Daredevil, and Electra.

I was never a big fan of Robert Downey Jr., I’m still not, but I don’t outright hate him anymore. Having never read any comics as a kid, I don’t know how Tony Stark (Downey Jr.) was in comic books. In the movie, however, he’s quick witted, sarcastic, and humorous. There are quite a few scenes in Iron Man that are laugh out loud funny. And not just the occasional chuckle either, the entire audience laughed outloud quite a few times, for quite a while.

The action was good, the special effects were impressive. But there could have been more of both. The flying scenes were cool, the explosions were fun, and the fighting was pretty unique. I just felt like there could have been more of it.

The beginning of the movie’s pretty slow, aside from the demonstration of missles and explosions. Once Tony gets captured and is forced to make a “Jericho Missle” for the Afghanis, the story gets pretty tame. Of course, Tony’s not building them a missle, but his own iron suit, to break out with. The first suit’s pretty barbaric, and looks like it’d be really heavy, but Tony throws it on, kicks some ass, and gets away from the bad guys. Once he gets home, we spend more time watching him create the “new” suit. Still pretty tame screentime here, but there’s some funny parts spliced in, to make you forget how long it’s taking to see something explode.

Overall, I liked the movie. I got exactly what I was expecting, a good two hour flick that made me forget that it’s raining outside. Oh, and a kick-ass trailer for Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and The Dark Knight. Both of which look amazing, and were worth the price of admission to the film, just to see them.

Bottom line is, if you were a fan of the comic book, and like comic-book-to-movie-adaptations, you’ll enjoy this flick. It’s not a total flop, but I do think that die hard fans of the comic book will be disappointed with the movie.


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