Just Friends
Review written on: November 26th, 2005

Just Friends Review

All the other “critics” who’ve said this movie is “not funny”, “unimaginitive” and “boring” should be shot directly in their legs. Anyone who doesn’t laugh hysterically during this movie has no sense of humor, and shouldn’t even consider themselves human, let alone a film critic. Yes, I’ll be the first to admit that most anything Ryan Reynolds does is his character from Van wilder, but I’ll also be the first to admit, that Van Wilder is one hell of a funny movie. Who cares if Reynolds‘ comedic delivery is similiar in different roles. It’s funny. No matter how you cut it, he’s a riot.

Though my admiration for Ryan Reynolds was my reasoning for seeing this movie, he wasn’t the only reason I enjoyed it. The on-screen brotherhood between Reynolds‘ character (Chris Brander) and his brother Mike Brander (played by Chris Marquette) is something straight out of any kid’s childhood. The slap fights they have, the petty arguments, and the bickering are all exactly what you’d expect of any brothers who only see each other occasionally. Top it all off with the almost-movie-ending “I love you”, “I love you, too” with the offering of a holiday cookie, and you’ve got the perfect combination of slap happy comedy, teamed up with a real emotional bond between two brothers.

Also, not straying far from her genre of comedic roles, was Anna Faris, who took her character’s ditsy bubble blonde pop singer routine to a whole new level. Watching her play this role, you almost say “Okay, that right there is Britney Spears, with a little Shakira and Christina tossed in for good measure.” It’s so funny to watch her deliver these lines for her character that you’d never expect to come from her. Playing the bitchy superstar didn’t seem like something she was uncomfortable with at all. She threw punches like the best of ’em, and stole a good portion of the show. Seeing her tazer Ryan Reynolds‘ character in his nether region was just pure comedy. Then the proclamation “Why don’t you love me?” as he lay on the floor in pain, after being ball-zapped, is just pure genious.

Anyone who tells you that they saw this movie, and didn’t think it was funny, doesn’t deserve to be your friends. So, just stop talking to them. Seriously. The movie made me laugh so hard at some points, that others looked at me to shut up. Given, not quite as funny as the last Faris and Reynolds movie we saw (Waiting…), but still, great for a Saturday afternoon laugh-fest. I absolutely recommend this movie if you have any sense of humor-what-so-ever.

Was there a deeper story to the movie? Yes, a love story, of course. It’s evident that Hollywood can’t make a movie without it being somewhat romantic. I guess that’s just them trying to appeal to just more than an audience of laughing fools, by throwing in some form of a storyline. Who cares though? I would have laughed even more if at the end, the guy didn’t get the girl. How much more funny could it be, if he got shunned? Now that’s something I’d like to see. A huge lead up, where you think the good guy’ll win, then bam, he loses to the other guy. End of movie.

I’m absolutely glad I went and saw this movie. It made me laugh, it had a good story, it had everything you could want in a movie. (Assuming you’re not expecting the next Harry Potter, or Lord of The Rings movie) It’s just a down-home funny movie, with great one liners, great actor deliveries, and an excellent on-screen paring of Reynolds and Marquette. While Amy Smart wouldn’t have been my first choice for a role in a comedy, she did moderately okay. I would have liked to see someone a little bit more comedy oriented, but I’m not appalled at Smart’s performace in the role.

I urge you, if you have a sense of humor, go see this movie. You won’t regret it. And if you don’t like it, then you’re not my friend anymore. And I’m not going to offer you a holiday cookie, and tell you I love you.


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