Kicking & Screaming
Review written on: October 19th, 2005

Kicking & Screaming Review

It’s no secret that I’m not fond of Will Ferrell. It’s also no secret that movies with him as the lead, make me enraged. I can’t phathom how so many people find him funny, whereas I’ve never laughed at a single role he’s ever done.

Kicking And Screaming is no exception. An ill-written screenplay that appears to have been thrown together by ripping off the storyline of Bad News Bears, meshing in the Dangerfield flop Ladybugs, just didn’t do it for me.

I’m sure if I was either drunk, or eleven years old, this movie would have been mildly entertaining to me. But I’m not either, and it wasn’t. There may have been a positive theme to this movie, but I was so busy yawning, and looking at the time to notice. I just wanted the movie to end.

Did I give it a fair go? Did I go into it biased against Will Ferrell? No. I did my best to keep an open mind, and enjoy it. But I just couldn’t. Every role Will Ferrell approaches the same way. His acting is very limited, and not amusing to me. It’s almost as if every former member of SNL has this disease where they have no diversity. Adam Sandler’s got it. Phil Hartman had it. Will Ferrell has it. It’s almost as if the studio execs want these people to always be the same. After all, if movies you made pulled in hundreds of millions, I guess you’d want the same characters in it, too.

The cast of the movie wasn’t horrible, with the exception of Ferrell. The referee was played by David Herman. Why do you know that name, you’re asking yourself. Think Office Space, Michael Bolton. He’s put on some weight in the last 10 years, but I recognized him. Also, with small roles were Robert Patrick Benedict (Calvin, from Waiting…), and Jarrad Paul (Duncan from 40 Days and 40 Nights), playing Beantown Employees. The children playing the soccer teams weren’t horrible. Definitely better than the kids in Bad News Bears, and the rest of the cast, including Robert Duvall, and Mike Ditka were okay. Nothing stood out as Oscar worthy, but after all, when was the last time someone in a movie with Will Ferrell won an Oscar?

My opinion is that if you’ve got kids, they may enjoy this movie, so it might be worth renting once it hits the .99 cent section. But if you’re an average person, with an IQ higher than 50, this movie is a bore, and should be avoided at all costs.


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