Kingdom of Heaven
Review written on: October 8th, 2005

Kingdom of Heaven Review

Take Orlando Bloom, medieval times, sword fighting, kings, princes, and princesses, and you’ve got the makings of a great story. Sorta.

As much as I love Orlando Bloom in almost every role he’s in, I’m not so sure I bought him as this character. Given, he’s a talented actor, and he’s obviously been trained how to use a sword. But, something about his movements, and body language didn’t strike me as the way someone would have acted on a crusade to save Jerusalem.

The other thing that bothered me, a lot of the words they used in the movie that we take for granted. (ie; unmistaken, unforgiveable, etc) Words that seem like they weren’t used back then, seemed to have slipped their way into the script. Given, these words may have been around in those times, I just feel like if someone, back then, was going to use unmistaken, they’d say “ill mistaken”, or something more appropriate to the times. I’m not an English teacher or anything, so I can’t say when the contraction was invented, but I don’t think it was back in the 1100s.

The story was interesting, especially for someone who wasn’t familiar with the whole battle to save Jerusalem (such as myself). I felt almost like I was learning something, as I watched this movie. However, since I watched it, I’ve already forgotten that information, in light of the fact that this movie dragged on and on and on. I felt myself dozing off at some points. Given, there’s some great battle scenes which absolutely reminded me of Braveheart. But, then I thought, if I wanted to watch Braveheart, I’d just have gotten that DVD out, and watched that instead. Though the action scenes were cool, and the battles of almost epic proportion, the down parts of this movie (of which there were quite a few), were rather boring. I almost felt myself skipping ahead at some points, to see some more battle scenes, which were done well in themselves.

Overall, would I recommend you seeing this movie? No, probably not. Despite my deep appreciation for Orlando Bloom movies, I can’t say I endorse this one. Maybe when Elizabethtown comes out, he’ll redeem himself. As for today, I’m sorry Orli, you just didn’t cut it.


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