L4yer Cake
Review written on: November 12th, 2005

L4yer Cake Review

I was thrilled to pop in this DVD, and see the “Rated R for extreme violence, sexuality, nudity, graphic language, and drug usage”. I thought “damn, those Brits know how to do it right.”. Given, the movie wasn’t as bad as that rating made it seem to be, it was still a kick-ass movie.

You’re thinking, what the hell is L4yer Cake? I’ve never heard of it. Neither had I, until my buddy Jake recommended it to me a few months back, and I just now had a chance to get around to watching it. I’ll sum up the story in a short paragraph: Drug dealers. Murder. Death. Violence. British people excessively using the word “fuck.” Twists and turns. Unexpected surprises. An ending to die for. Every time you think you know what’s about to happen, it does. But then something else equally amazing happens right after that. This movie absolutely keeps you guessing.

Watching it, I had flashbacks to Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, probably only because of the dialect(s) in the movie(s). They had a similar feel to them, though both involving drugs, were very dissimilar. It’s tough to sit here and try to think of something I disliked about this movie, even having just watched it moments ago.

To say I absolutely loved this movie would be an understatement. I wish I could elaborate more on what I loved. But without giving anything important away, that would be close to impossible. Since there are so many twists and turns, and unexpected occurrences throughout the course of the movie, it’s tough to say what’s great about it. But, I’ll try.

The story of the movie is fantastic. The main character, who remains nameless (side note: I didn’t even notice how he didn’t have a name, until they pointed it out at the end), is a drug dealing middleman type, who just wants to take his savings, and retire. The men he works for, have different ideas for him. Basically throwing him to the wolves, and trying to get him either killed, or thrown in jail. Either way you cut it, both stories are interesting.

I also loved that I didn’t even notice, throughout the entire movie, that the main character (Daniel Craig, the next Bond) was never referenced by a name. Not when dealing with any of the associates. Not when calling the girl he was about to meet for a booty call. Never, I know what you’re thinking: Fight Club. Right, but that was obvious. A little bit into the movie, you’re like “Wait, why doesn’t Edward Norton have a name?”, whereas with this, XXXX (he’s actually credited that way) just goes about his business. Maybe I was oblivious to his non-name having situation, but I definitely didn’t notice it until the end. And I was like “Damn, that’s cool.”

The whole idea of British drug dealers screwing one another over, killing each other, and hiring hit men to do their dirty work kicks ass. After seeing this movie, I want to go watch The Boondock Saints again. Not because there’s any similarities between the two movies, but just because they both made me feel really good. Not in a weird way. But, in a “man, that kicked ass” way.

I was skeptical at first, going into watching this, because I’d heard such great things about it. And let’s face it, when you hear good things about a movie, it’s usually pretty horrible. And after the first fifteen minutes, all those worries vanished. I became enthralled with the story, and with every scene that passed, I wanted to rewind back to the beginning of the chapter, and watch it again and again. There’s nothing about this movie that isn’t to love.

I know you’ve probably never heard of this movie, as I hadn’t. And you’re probably thinking L4yer Cake, what the hell does that mean? And why is there a four in the name, that’s so retarded. But I assure you, if you’re a man’s man, and like movies that kick ass, this movie is totally for you. And ladies, if you want make your guy happy, without having to do anything, go get him this movie. Buy a copy even. Don’t waste Netflix, or Blockbuster, or renting it anywhere. Just go to the nearest store that sells movies, and buy a copy of this movie. I’m sure glad I did.


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