Lord of War
Review written on: October 25th, 2005

Lord of War Review

Yawn! Boy, am I glad that’s over. I thought this was supposed to be an action movie. The next Face/Off. The next Con Air. I thought Nic Cage was gonna kick some ass. Nope, none of that.

This was more a documentary about the life of Yuri (Cage), a gun runner. I was expecting explosions, witty one-liners, comedy, and fun. I got none of it. I kept expecting it to get better, surely it had to, I mean look at the previews for it, they look great. How could a movie that came off as looking so amazing in previews, be so utterly boring, and tiring?

But it was, on both counts. Sitting staring at the screen for what felt like forever, the only thing I could ask myself, was “why am I putting myself through this? do I really care how it ends?”, and the answer was no, I didn’t care. However, I had to see it through, just in case it got any better at the very end. Maybe at the very end there was a war, and some gun fights, and explosions, and whatnot. But alas, no war. No gun fights. No explosions. All there was at the end, was a let down of a movie.

If you like movies that tell the story of someone’s life (think Donnie Brasco, but much more boring), or stories that tell true events, you may like this movie. However, if you’re expecting to see the next Saving Private Ryan or We Were Soldiers action-packed type of movie, you’re sorely mistaken if you see this one. I’d say to give it a whirl on Netflix, but don’t even bother. Ten years from now, when it’s playing on USA Friday, Saturday and Sunday night at 8, maybe give it a whirl. After all, at least then you’ll get to pause for commercials every 15 minutes, and won’t have to suffer through the whole thing in one shot.


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