Man On Fire
Review written on: August 21st, 2005

Man On Fire Review

I remember seeing the previews for this movie, when it was in the theater, thinking “Oh great, another remake of a movie that was perfectly content on its own.” So needless to say, I didn’t waste the ten bucks to go see it in the theater, but instead waited for Netflix to rent it. Despite my reluctance to see it, I was surprised at how not-horrible it was.

At first, I felt like the movie was just dragging ass along, that it’d never get interesting and the characters would never develop into something I gave a damn about. But eventually, it did, and so did they. Dakota Fanning is great in her role, as she is in most of her roles. The little girl just sorta says “Hello, I’m adorable, like me”, in any role she’s in. Which is a great quality for a child actor to have these days. Reminds me a lot of that kid from The Sixth Sense, not that anyone remembers his name now. Hayley something or other. Anyway, I thought she was great. Denzel was good in the role too. Nothing out of the ordinary there. Though I don’t think any performance he ever puts on will ever top his role in John Q, which I thought was brilliant and award worthy.

The production and storyline of this movie were lacking however. My feeling is that if a movie’s a remake, automatically they get points deducted from their storyline points, because it’s not origial. The production wasn’t all that impressive, especially taking into consideration how much this movie cost to make. Yea, there were explosions. Yes, there were car chases. But for that kind of money, I want to see something that stands out. Sitting here now, thinking back on the movie, I can’t remember anything that caught my eye.

Overall, would I recommend this movie? Sure, I’d say to at least see it. Am I glad I didn’t spend the money to see it in the theater? Yes.


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