Martian Child
Review written on: November 3rd, 2007

Martian Child Review

It’s no big secret that I’m a fan of John Cusack’s. I like most everything he does, with very few exceptions. He’s an actor in his generation that really knows how to choose his roles wisely, and often picks roles that touch our hearts.

Martian Child is a tale about a widower (played by Cusack), who decides that he should fulfill the dream of his deceased wife, and adopt a child. In the beginning of the movie, he shows us the “should I, or shouldn’t I?” self conflict that he’s dealing with. He finally gives in, and makes the decision to adopt Dennis, who happens to think he’s from Mars. We follow the odd couple through their first few months together, while they adapt to each other, and while David (Cusack) adapts to parenthood for the first time.

The story is cute, and the actor playing Dennis (Bobby Coleman) is adorable, once he comes out of his shell on-screen. You get a strong feeling that the child actor, and Cusack did really bond with one another, as it shows on screen. You could almost imagine that Cusack was the boy’s real father, and that he was going through all of these emotions for the first time.

Cusack has come into his own lately. Most recently with his amazing performance in 1408. Cusack’s been a keeper of our hearts for the last twenty-plus years, since we all first saw, and fell in love with him, in Say Anything… There’s already buzz about his new film, opening soon, Grace Is Gone, which I personally can’t wait to see.

Martian Child has its laugh out loud moments. It also has its moments where many people will be shedding tears. During one highly emotional scene, almost everyone in the theater with us was crying. Martian Child is a touching movie, that hits home on a deep level for many people. We’ve all experienced things we considered to be tough as children, or we’ve had children who’ve had tough experiences as well.

I really loved this movie. Not just because it’s a John Cusack movie, but because there’s so much more to it. There’s a deep meaning to it, there’s a great story, there’s superb acting, and there’s laugh-out-loud moments throughout the entire movie. If you have any inkling of wanting to see this movie, don’t hesitate. It’s certainly not going to break any box office records, by any means, but this movie shouldn’t be missed.


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