Monsters University
Review written on: June 25th, 2013

Monsters University Review

You’ve likely already heard how¬†Monsters University is “nothing original” and “rehashed old material” from other reviews.You’ve probably heard of how¬†Monsters University isn’t as good of a sequel as¬†Toy Story 2 was. (Even though¬†Monsters University is a prequel, not a sequel.)

I’m here to tell you that all those reviewers that didn’t like the movie, or thought it was rehashed from the original are out of their minds. ¬†Monsters University was excellent. ¬†So much fun, such a great story, and so exciting to see these characters that we fell in love with back in 2001 all over again.

I suppose we should start with the animation. ¬†I’ll go (not too far) out on a limb and say that Pixar’s animation is unrivaled in their industry. ¬†Sure Dreamworks does a good job with their animation, but Pixar is leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else in the game. ¬†The level of detail in¬†Monsters University is so lifelike that at times I thought it was real footage I was looking at. ¬†The Pixar short before the feature film was equally as amazing. I was near convinced that what I was seeing was actual footage, shot with a camera, of New York in the rain. ¬†The fact that it was animated blew (and still blows) my mind.

But Pixar doesn’t stop there, it’s not just their animation that’s amazing. ¬†Their stories are incredible as well, as is the case with¬†Monsters University. ¬†We already know these characters and we love them. ¬†But this story lets us get to know them all over again in a new way. ¬†We get to flash back to Mike as a child and learn why he wants to be a scarer and how he ends up at MU. ¬†We learn that Sully’s family is famous for being scarers. ¬†We learn so much yet it’s not forced down our throats, it’s not presented to us in a way that feels uncomfortable or awkward.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a movie that there was applause at the end. ¬†But there was a good round of applause not only at the end of¬†Monsters University but at a number of points throughout the film as well. ¬†Without giving anything away, there’s a number of scenes where you’re rooting so hard for the “good guys” that you find yourself smiling and cheering when they come out on top.

I found myself having so much fun that I didn’t want it to end. ¬†I wanted to keep following Mike and Sully after the movie ended. ¬†Moments before the movie ended I found myself leaning over to my movie companion and saying “We should watch¬†Monsters, Inc after this!” ¬†I wanted to pick up right where¬†Monsters University leaves off, which is right around the beginning of¬†Monsters, Inc. ¬†A very well tied together pair of films and Pixar pulled it off quite well.

I’m 100% glad I disregarded the reviews I read about this film and went to see it anyway. ¬†I laughed, I teared up a bit, I clapped a lot, and I overall had a wonderful time. ¬†I couldn’t have expected anything more and Pixar couldn’t have given me anything more. ¬†Monsters University is as close to perfect as they could have gotten it.


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