Mr. Bean's Holiday
Review written on: August 26th, 2007

Mr. Bean's Holiday Review

Rowan Atkinson is a phenomenal physical comic, and if you’ve caught any of his projects that focus on that, you’d be inclined to agree. He is definitely best known for his portrayal of the often silent, always hilarious Mr. Bean.

In this sequel, goofy Mr. Bean wins an all-expenses paid trip to Cannes along with a new video camera which he uses to document his travels. He demonstrates his very limited knowledge of the language in various establishments. Gracias!

While on his way to the southern area of the country, at a train stop, he asks a gentleman (Karel Roden) to tape a small sequence of him walking toward the car entrance. Ever the perfectionist, Mr. Bean keeps having him reshoot it a number of times. In the middle of it all, the train departs. The man starts running after it, and we learn he has become separated from his traveling companion, his young son, Stepan (Max Baldry).

Among the many messes that Bean gets into in this movie, they seem to involve the language barrier! The boy doesn’t speak a word of English. Bean doesn’t speak a word of Russian nor French, other than the absolute basics. But, Bean has good intentions: to get Stepan back to his father. Then you find out that the boy’s father is a member of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival and Bean has been accused of kidnapping. Throw in an obnoxious and arrogant filmmaker (Willem Dafoe), a French actress just starting out (Emma de Caunes), and of course a few gags that are taken directly from the series.

For the most part, this movie wasn’t that great. The sad part is, I didn’t think it was going to be. I adore the series and I have watched it quite a bit, but these films have been pale comparisons. Disappointed as I was, it earned a couple of points back because of the spectacular French countryside, the absolutely breathtaking French Riviera, and, oh yeah, it’s Mr. Bean. My advice? Just skip this movie and rent the series. You’ll laugh a lot harder.


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