Must Love Dogs
Review written on: November 6th, 2005

Must Love Dogs Review

Undoubtedly, John Cusack is by far the most unpurposefully charming actor in movies today. Some would say all of his roles are played the same. Others would say he only picks roles that suit his acting abilities. I, however, say that he plays every role he’s chosen brilliantly. His characters are an extention of who he is. Every part he plays, he incorporates a little bit of himself into. And that’s part of the reason his roles are so great, because he’s so great.

Must Love Dogs doesn’t fail to bring its viewers to an emotional standpoint between what you know, and what you wish for. Watching the characters grow throughout the course of this movie, is almost like watching yourself, as a person. Growing, changing, living, learning. Everything that you wish you could step out of your own shell and evaluate about yourself and your relationships, is in this movie. Is it a chick flick? Yes, definitely. Did I still enjoy it? Absolutely. Am I bias because John Cusack is my hero? Maybe.

Diane Lane, whom I was previously unfamiliar with, was great in the role of Sarah, an early 40s, recently divorced woman struggling to make it in the dating world. Cusack plays Jake, a man in a similar situation – recently divorced, trying to survive the dating world. The two meet after having friends and/or family sign them up for an online dating site (, which to my surprise is a real site, and wasn’t created just for the movie). The two meet, and awkwardly hit it off, in an unsurprisingly happy situation. Through the movie, their relationship has its ups and downs, as the two get a feel for each other, while still trying to be sure that they want to take themselves off the market, and be monogomous. Diane Lane does a good job playing the desperate but not trying to appear that way character, to Cusack’s “just want to be loved” role. The two meshed quite nicely. The cast, rounded out by Elizabeth Perkins, Christopher Plummer, Dermot Mulroney, Stockard Channing, and Ali Hillis, were all equally important in their roles. While Lane and Cusack stole this show, the movie wouldn’t have been the same without the supporting cast.

I was glad I got to see this film, as with anything John Cusack. I laughed outloud at parts, and felt emotional at other parts. The movie didn’t feel sluggish or drag along at any point, and it always felt like the story was happening for a reason. There were no substantial parts where I felt that certain things didn’t fit into the storyline, which is often the case due to harsh editing to make a movie “work”. Everything felt natural, and enjoyable. This movie is an absolute for date night.


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