Review written on: October 1st, 2008

Outsourced Review

As a recent re-subscriber to Netflix, I was psyched to try out their online video streaming. Since every movie ever made isn’t an option, I decided to check out their Top 50 list, of online flicks. Outsourced was number one at the time, and the description made me chuckle, and enticed me enough to check it out, even though I’d never heard of it.

Outsourced is the tale of Todd Anderson (played by unknown John Hamilton), who’s a VP of Product Fulfillment for a company that sells everything you could imagine. (Mostly the junk you see on TV at 3AM.) When his boss tells him that they’re outsourcing his department to India, Todd’s devastated. His boss then tells him he has to go to India, and train the new call center manager. Once he gets there, our American star learns about Indian cultures, and vice versa.

As someone who works for a company that outsources our support to India, and have recently been to India on business, I thought this would be interesting to watch, and possibly relate to. I was right.

Right from the moment that Todd gets off the plane in India, the movie’s pretty accurate as far as how the country and culture are. The men who work at the airport and carry baggage swarm to Americans, and more or less fight over your baggage. I think this is because they know that you were just on an 18 hour flight, and are groggy, and will probably tip them more than the average Indian coming home from vacation. (As a side note, when I got into the cab, I hadn’t tipped my bagged carrier, and he literally opened my door after I closed it, and jammed his hand in my face, and said “you give me tip” repeatedly, until I gave him money.)

I liked the movie. There were points where I literally laughed outloud at some of the scenes, because not only were they funny, but they were accurate too. I was lucky enough that the wonderful folks that took care of my boss and I, when we were there, didn’t let us drink the water. Todd’s handler wasn’t so helpful, and let him drink the water, which made him violently ill. If you ever go to India, don’t drink the water. Your stomach won’t be able to handle it.

While no one’s ever heard of this movie, I’m definitely glad I checked it out. It was funny, accurate, and had a happy ending. It gets fairly good ratings on IMDb, and I definitely recommend checking it out. If you’ve got Netflix, you can stream it online, so you don’t even have to wait for it to be sent to you.


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