Review written on: November 15th, 2005

Paparazzi Review

Aside from fun cameos from Vince Vaughn, Chris Rock, and Mel Gibson (who Produced this movie), there wasn’t much to this movie. The cast, in my opinion isn’t the best cast in the world. Let’s examine:
Cole Hauser, whom I’ve never heard of before is the leading man, Bo. I’d take the time to look up other stuff he’s done, but I don’t want to waste my effort. This guy is not a leading actor. Period.
Dennis Farina, the reason myself, and many other people stopped watching Law And Order. R.i.P. Jerry Orbach.
(oddly enough, today’s Sam Waterstone’s birthday. 65. Damn.)
Robin Tunney, who, let’s face it aside from Fox’s new smash hit Prison Break hasn’t done a good movie since The Craft almost 400 years ago.
Tom Sizemore, who has a world of troubles all his own. He’s made some great movies in the past, but has made some even bigger mistakes in his life.

The story is a good one, had it been done better. The concept of a famous person retaliating against the media for taking pictures of their family, is cool. However, I just don’t buy Hauser as A) a celebrity, and B) bad-ass. He’s just not convincing enough to me in this role. My feeling is that if they wanted to go the “cheesey” route, they should have gotten Van Damme to do the movie, and gone straight to USA with it. Late night Kung Fu movies rule.

While my hopes weren’t let down by this movie, it was simply because I didn’t have any high hopes for it. It met my expectations and was a long hour and a half of boring storyline, unconvincing acting, lame “action”, and overall just a bad movie. My opinion is to stay away from this one, unless it’s on USA some late night, and there’s nothing else on any other channel.


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