Review written on: April 15th, 2007

Pathfinder Review

Isn’t it sad when you expect more from a film that what you get? That’s how I felt watching Pathfinder. After reading the synopsis and watching the trailer, I was intrigued. Unfortunately, that didn’t last long.

This film takes place six centuries before Columbus discovered the Americas. Vikings have invaded the land and have savagely attacked and killed Native American tribes. The lone survivor is a terrified, Viking boy. A Native American woman takes the boy to join the fold. The rest of the tribe is unwelcoming and a bit skeptical at first. They then decide to keep him and raise him amongst them.

Fifteen years later, Ghost (Karl Urban) has grown into a handsome man. He considered the tribe he was raised in his family, hands down. When the trading period arrives, the tribe?s pathfinder (Russell Means) starts searching for someone to replace him. In his eyes, Ghost isn’t ready, as his past life still haunts him.

At this point, the Vikings have returned to rehash what they started over a decade earlier. After the rest of the tribe, including Ghost’s adoptive family, is massacred, his mind is set on revenge. With the help of the pathfinder’s daughter (Moon Bloodgood), Ghost is more than willing to battle with his blood kin.

The action and plot were pretty typical, loaded with cliches galore. Ghost has the expected internal struggles between revenge and sacrifice; good and evil; nature vs. nurture, etc. The fight scenes weren’t that bad, but they could have been better. Even sadder is that the scenery and cinematography were stunning. Other than that, it was nothing special.

My advice? Wait for it to come out on DVD. It’s one of those films that you would rather be stretched out on the couch to see? In case you want to take a nap.


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