Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
Review written on: May 26th, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Review

After the three-hour-long preview that was Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, I knew At World’s End would have to work hard to impress me. While it was draggy in spots, it managed to have enough action and laugh-out-loud spots to be better than Dead Man’s Chest.

All of our favorite characters are back, gathered together to find Jack Sparrow and bring him back from Davy Jones’ Locker. From what I understand, Davy Jones’ Locker is the pirate version of purgatory. And when we find Jack there, he’s gone a little bit mad – or at least madder than usual. He’s talking to himself, quite literally, and when the crew find him (as they must for it to be an entertaining movie, so don’t think that’s a spoiler), he thinks they’re part of his halucinations. While the little kids (that shouldn’t be at the movie in the first place) are confused, Johnny Depp is brilliantly entertaining, as usual.

We meet some very odd characters throughout the film. Elizabeth Swann, Captain Barbosa & Will Turner team up with pirates from Singapore, including Bill Kim, the cold-hearted Company worker from Prison Break. We also meet a bunch of other pirates, including one played by Ranjit, the limo/cab driver from How I Met Your Mother. Then there’s the much-heralded debut of Jack Sparrow’s father, played by the inspiration for Depp’s performance of Sparrow, Keith Richards.

Of course there’s backstabbing and traitorious conduct on all sides, which gets a bit muddled. But the real excitement from these films comes from the action scenes, which truly deliver. Swordfights, bombs, cannonballs, impossible escapes, and of course the music of Hans Zimmer, make this film what it is – a true action adventure. Much like the Indiana Jones trilogy (which I watched for the first time this week), the excitement isn’t in the details. It’s in the action and the connection you feel with the characters. It all comes down to the fact that you want Jack Sparrow (or Indiana Jones) to defeat the bad guys, and look cool doing it.

There were some parts I could do without. The entire character and story involving Tia Dalma annoys me. There were lots of slow spots that could have been cut or combined to lessen the time between action sequences. Overall, it was a great movie. Not as great as the first Pirates of the Caribbean, but definitely better than the second (minus the swordfight on the rolling water mill – that was awesome).

This is definitely one to check out on the big screen. If not for the story, than at least for the special effects. I’d say this movie had the best weather and water special effects since Day After Tomorrow. And the fight scenes are done flawlessly, as usual. The end battle sequence is worth the price of a movie ticket alone.

If you stay until the very end of the credits, there’s more to see. A short addition to the story, which takes place “ten years later”. Click “Show Spoilers” below, to see.

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