Pirates Of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Review written on: July 8th, 2006

Pirates Of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Review

Pirates. The open sea. Romance. Intrigue. Violence. Sword fights. Ghosts. And of course, a squawking parrot. This film has everything, including one of the most well-developed characters Johnny Depp has ever portrayed. I’m not talking about the character’s personality or storyline being well-developed. I’m talking about the consistency with which Depp plays Captain Jack Sparrow, and how far into his role he falls. When watching most actors, I see the actor portraying a character. Watching Depp play Sparrow is watching Captain Jack Sparrow himself.

My love for Johnny Depp‘s acting ability aside, I think the movie was great. Extremely long and an obvious set-up for the next film, yes. But great nonetheless. It was funny. It had action. It had backstabbing. It had gross looking sea monster ghosts and a giant tentacle with teeth. Orlando Bloom reprises his role as the brave and love-struck Will Turner. His lovely lady is Elizabeth Swann, played by Keira Knightley.

In the opening scene we see Miss Swann kneeling at the altar in the pouring rain beating down on her and the empty chairs that were to be filled with wedding guests. Watching it, all I could think was that they should be playing Guns N’ Roses’ “November Rain.”

We come to learn both Swann and Will Turner have been arrested for helping Jack Sparrow escape from prison (in the last movie). But their arrests appear to be an elaborate plot for the Lord Beckett to capture something important that Jack has. Turner is sent out to find Captain Sparrow, grant him a pardon in exchange for his very special item, and return the item to Beckett in exchange for the lives of Miss Swann and himself.

The rest of the movie unfolds with enough twists and turns to make anyone seasick, yet somehow it works. Intercrossing plotlines and all, the movie just works. It’s entertaining and exciting, and best of all…mostly believable. No, I don’t believe a giant, teething tentacle eats ships at sea, nor do I believe there’s a ship with a crew made up of a bunch of half men/ half ocean creatures. But it’s one of those movies you can just fall into and enjoy it for the fantastic tale that it is.

Favorite parts to watch out for: the awesome swordfight that starts in a very Tarantino-esque way; the entire scene where Sparrow has his face painted and speaks gibberish; and Swann’s trickery on the ship she stows away on.

I’d definitely recommend anyone to go see this movie. But catch a late show to avoid all the small children parents brought thinking this movie was appropriate for a three-year-old.


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