Review written on: May 29th, 2006

Poseidon Review

I did my best to go into this movie with an open mind, especially since I had though the origianl (The Poseidon Adventure) from 1972 was such an amazing film. I’m glad I did, too.

Though critics have bashed this movie as “unoriginal”, and a “poor remake of a great classic”, I thought this movie was fantastic. And not because they did anything differently than the original, or because they improved the story any, but because the cast was pheonominal. It’s been a while since Kurt Russell’s done anything I thought was worth a damn, and let’s face it, the Academy’s not exactly knocking down Josh Lucas’ door to give him any awards, and the rest of the cast is virtually unknown, they still kicked serious ass. Not only do they execute their roles brilliantly, but their on-screen chemistry is great, as well.

Even the minor characters towards the beginning, before they go off to “get out”, Freddy Rodriguez (who I know from TV’s Scrubs), Stacy Ferguson (who I know from Kids Incorporated, who you know from Black Eyed Peas), and Kevin Dillon (who you may know from TV’s Entourage, and is also brother to the more famous Matt Dillon), all are great, in their not-so-gigantic roles.

While the story isn’t exactly new, or fresh, it is still a great story nevertheless. A giant rogue wave (which looks very realistic in Poseidon‘s CGI, hits the Poseidon boat, and capsizes it, leaving what little survivors are left to fend for their lives, to get out of the boat. The majority of the survivors, as instructed by Captain Bradford, stay in this one large room, sealed off by steel doors, which are supposedly strong enough to keep out the fire, water, and gas that’s now floating about the ship. Robert Ramsey, former Mayor of New York (Russell), is determined to find his daughter, and her boyfriend, at the “club”, which is now one floor up from where he is. Loner, gambler, Dylan (Lucas), claims to know his way around ships, and leads the way for Ramsey, Nelson (Richard Dreyfuss), Maggie (Jacinda Barrett), and her son Conor (Jimmy Bennett, who you know from The Amityville Horror). The group makes their way through some dangerous territory, up to the club where they meet up with Ramsey’s daughter (Emmy Rossum), her boyfriend Christian (Mike Vogel), and a stowaway, Elena (Mia Maestro). This then group of main cast members does their damndest to get off the ship alive.

They come across the usual obsticles you’d expect when trying to get off of a sinking ship. Water, fire, gas leaks, dead bodies, explosions, drowning. You know, the usual. Do they all make it out? No, but you knew that. How realistic would it be if everyone survived together, and lived happily ever after?

I don’t think there was a lot of CGI in the film, but there was definitely some great special effects in the way of set design, explosions, and water filling up rooms quickly, and sometimes not so quickly. It felt very Titanic, which is almost cliche, since it’s really the only other movie where people are almost drowning on a sinking ship, but it’s the best comparison I can come up with. Realistically, any movie ever made about a sinking ship, is going to be compared to Titanic, no matter who makes it, or when it supposedly takes place.

Overall, I’m definitely glad I saw this movie. Was way more impressed that I thought I would end up being, and liked it more than I thought I would. Despite what the critics have said about Poseidon, I really liked it, and think you will too.


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