Review written on: March 25th, 2007

Premonition Review

Boring, boring, boring. I really wanted to like this movie. I love Sandra Bullock. From the trailers the movie seemed a little bit like the Final Destination series, where they know something is going to happen and they try to stop it. It turned out to be more like Memento, where you’re confused the whole time, but without the payoff at the end of finding out what the hell happened.

So Day 1, Sandy wakes up and finds out her husband is dead. Day 2, he’s back. Day 3, they’re at the funeral. Day 4, he’s back. Etc, etc, etc. Pieces of the mystery unravel as the movie goes on, but you never quite get the full picture. There’s no huge “a-ha” moment at the end. There’s no giant unravelling of the tale. Just day after day of confusion.

Sandra Bullock is the only good thing about this movie. She’s fully believable as a woman gone mad. She’s confused, disoriented and possibly delusional, yet she still has great hair. I just wish the movie was better. She is a fantastic actress, and it’s a shame to waste her talent on an unfinished piece like this.

Skip this one. Don’t even bother renting it.


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