Review written on: February 11th, 2008

Rambo Review

Sylvester Stallone may officially be a senior citizen in the eyes of many (he is over 60, after all), but he doesn’t want to sit in some rocking chair watching reruns! With this film, he has officially ended his second successful franchise and he?s definitely going out with a bang!

John Rambo is still living in Southeast Asia (Thailand to be exact) after all these years, and of course, he’s still battling anyone who comes up against him. Making a bit of money as a snake wrangler, he encounters American religious missionaries, whose leaders (Julie Benz, Paul Schultze) want him to take them over the border to equally impoverished and war-torn Burma. Rambo, of course, tries to force them to understand how dangerous their whole plan is. Obviously they don?t get it until a group of guerillas ambushes Rambo’s boat.

The guerrillas have done nothing but maim, kidnap, and kill the residents they are controlling; the missionaries are in even more danger than they expected… It’s Rambo to the rescue! Only he’s not alone! He’s got a squad of fighters coming to help him out!

For all of you Rambo buffs, it was just what you would expect from this series. Tons of gunfire, explosions, bloodshed, brawls, peppered with some nice flashbacks from the other films. Regardless, it was quite the sendoff, and it had a great, though bittersweet ending. I?d pay the dough to go and check it out if I were you. It is the last one, after all.


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