Review written on: July 8th, 2007

Ratatouille Review

What could be more ridiculous than a rat who happens to be an excellent cook? That’s the premise of Ratatouille, the latest movie from Pixar. While I can’t agree with some reviewers who are claiming that this is the best movie from Pixar ever (that title goes to Monsters, Inc.), it definitely was a cute flick.

Remy is a rat with an almost super-sense of smell and taste. At home his talent is wasted on checking for rat poison before anyone eats. When he makes his way to Paris and stumbles into the kitchen of the former hottest restaurant in town, his life drastically changes. He pairs up with Linguine, a garbage boy with no cooking talent whatsoever. Together they create a signature dish worthy of Hell’s Kitchen. The dish attracts the attention of the local food critics and makes Linguine the hottest young chef in town. Much to the dismay of the restaurant owner, documents arrive proving Linguine to be the rightful owner of the restaurant.

We watch the relationships between Remy and Linguine, and Remy and his family, take on different dynamics as the pressure of being a popular chef takes its toll.

The movie is an interesting take on the classic “outsider gets a chance” kind of tale (think Rookie of the Year), in that the rat gets to live like a human, and the horrible cook gets to have all the glory of being a world-class chef.

Despite being filled with rats, the movie is genuinely cute. Kids will love it for the slapstick humor. Adults, if they can get over the gross factor of rats in the kitchen, will love it because it’s a good story. A big plus for me is that Remy is voiced by Patton Oswalt, one of my favorite comedians.

If you’ve got kids, this is definitely a movie to take them to. If you don’t have kids, it’s still a nice way to spend an afternoon. That’s all you can really ask for in a movie.


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