Review written on: December 27th, 2005

Rebound Review

Once again we have a bunch of goofy kids who can’t play a certain sport, a coach who doesn’t really want to coach at first and who is somewhat of a reject and opposing teams and coaches who are mean and nasty. The kids get better, the coach looks like a genius and they win. Wow, how many times have we seen that?!

Rebound is about this coach and….oh yeah…I guess you know the storyline. Anyways, this story is so predictable but entertaining for the whole family. Martin Lawrence stars as the misplaced coach who takes on the coaching job of a group of junior high misfits. With help from teacher Jeanie Ellis (Wendy Raquel Robinson) he learns some anger management skills and a little about love on his way to a winning season.

Martin is pretty funny in Rebound even without the normal vocabulary that we may be used to from him. The film is definitly aimed at the “family” audience and does a good job of keeping it family-oriented. One of the bright performances in this one comes from Will & Grace‘s Megan Mullally who plays the school’s principal. The kids in the movie do a great job of being less than normal and bring us some good chuckles. Just looking at some of them will probably be enough to start you laughing.

Overall, despite the fact that we’ve seen this plot a bazillion times, you have to like the effort and the comedy of Lawrence. If you are looking for anything more than 90 minutes of light hearted entertainment, or for anything deeper than sight gags and silly kids, then you will want to pass.


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