Red Eye
Review written on: August 21st, 2005

Red Eye Review

Red Eye, in short, is a thriller movie. It showcases Rachel McAdams as a heroine of the Sigourney Weaver caliber. It also showcases Cillian Murphy as a gleefully evil bad guy. Although Wes Craven creates the suspense you would expect from a horror master, it is the two truly talented actors that carry this film through its interesting but somewhat predictable storyline.

While most of the action occurs on an airplane, and mostly within the two seats the main characters occupy, it surprisingly doesn’t get repetitive. Watching Cillian Murphy is almost addictive. He’s charming and then he’s a monster. He’s menacing at one moment and then almost friendly the next. However, my infatuation with his acting style didn’t cloud my vision to the wonderful performance put in by Rachel McAdams. I don’t quite know how to explain what it is that makes her so captivating. She’s an excellent actress, but she also has a certain honesty in her performance that will help her outlast the current Hollywood trend of blonde teenybopper starlets.

Should you go see this movie? Definitely. If you don’t already love Cillian Murphy or Rachel McAdams, you will. While the plot is well formulated, the storyline is a little on the predictable side. After all, how many plot twists can you have on an airplane? Nevertheless, I enjoyed the movie and I think it’s definitely worth seeing.


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