Resident Evil: Extinction
Review written on: September 22nd, 2007

Resident Evil: Extinction Review

If you saw Resident Evil and Resident Evil: Apocalypse and liked them, go see this movie now. And then come back and read my review. The movie starts several years after the second one ends. The world has been reduced to a wasteland – the waters have dried up, cities have crumbled, and the undead outnumber the survivors. Alice (Milla Jovovich) is traveling the country alone, on motorcycle, to avoid the undead. At the same time there’s a convoy of survivors led by a woman named Claire (Ali Larter). Back at the Umbrella corporation’s underground headquarters, Dr. Issacs is trying to locate Project Alice, while also trying to domesticate the undead. The Alice clones featured at the Las Vegas premiere of the movie were a clever way to reveal a piece of the movie’s plot. Dr. Issacs (Iain Glen) has Alice clones running through tests, almost like lab mice, to develop a better antidote.

Alice has a run-in with a family that appears to be straight out of Texas Chainsaw Massacre – they lure her in with the purpose of killing her? Eating her? We don’t get a chance to find out, because Alice kicks one of them in the face to break his neck, and then destroys their zombie dogs.

Claire’s convoy has a couple of members you’ll recognize – L.J. (Mike Epps) and Carlos (Oded Fehr) from the last movie. They stop at a motel to rest, run into some undead, and some infected birds (seemingly straight out of the Hitchcock flick), and Alice comes to the rescue with her mind power. That’s right – mind power. Like something out of “Heroes” (in which Ali Larter stars, by the way), Alice has developed a kind of telekinetic ability. So now she’s a zombie-killing, bad-guy-breaking, mind-powering, hot chick.

Alice sticks with the convoy as they head to Vegas to get gas, since the school bus, gas tanker, ambulance, news van, and Hummer they’re driving can’t run on sand. It’s a shame it can’t, because Vegas is practically a sandbox. Alice hits the nail on the head saying, “The desert took it back.” The once magnificent Las Vegas Strip has been turned to ruins. The Venetian, the Paris, and New York New York are all shadows of what they were. However, they do become the setting for the best battle of the whole movie. At one point, Alice cuts two zombies’ heads off in mid-air. Again I say, Alice = Awesome.

As a new fan of the series, I’m so excited to be able to say I’ve liked each movie more than I liked the last. Which is hard to do considering how much I liked the first one. Each sequel gets bloodier, and gives Alice more ass-kicking power. The cast in this movie is great. Ali Larter is perfect as the fearless convoy leader. I hope the rumors of her returning for a possible fourth movie are true. The returning castmates of Mike Epps, Oded Fehr, and Iain Glen all give more to their characters than we got the first time around.

As usual, the end sequence leaves it open for another sequel, which I’m totally ok with. In order to not ruin it, the spoilers are hidden below.

I definitely recommend the movie to fans of the series. If you like action movies and zombie movies and haven’t seen the first two, you can still enjoy this one (although I strongly recommend seeing the first two, since they’re great movies as well). They do a nice recap at the beginning. You just won’t understand some of the test settings and a couple of nuances here and there. Final verdict: Lara Croft who? Alice is my new video game movie queen.


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