Righteous Kill
Review written on: January 2nd, 2009

Righteous Kill Review

I really wanted to like this movie. What’s not to like, in theory? Pacino. De Niro. Gugino. Sounds like a winning cast. A renegade cop’s running around killing bad guys? Sounds like a winning plot. So what’s the problem? Poor execution. Poor acting. Miserable script. And a “twist” ending that you can see coming by the 10 minute mark.

Let’s face it, Pacino and De Niro aren’t what they used to be. They’ll never top their performances in Heat. (At least not together, anyway.) There’ll never be a time when Righteous Kill is on TV at 8PM, and you’ll want to watch it. It’ll never be GoodFellas. It’ll never be Scarface. It’ll just be “that De Niro/Pacino movie” from 2008. The one everyone already forgot about.

When I got to the “reveal”, I’d hoped I was wrong. I hoped that an hour and twenty minutes ago, when I guessed how the movie would turn out, that I’d guessed wrong. I hoped the writer had tricked me, and that there was a real “AHA!” moment. There wasn’t. I wasn’t tricked. I wasn’t fooled. I knew what would happen all along, and it’s blatently obvious to anyone who’ll suffer through this snore fest.

The movie starts out in a very typical way. We see De Niro and Pacino working out, and shooting guns. We get it. They’re still badasses. You don’t need to waste five minutes of screen time (and subsequently my life) showing me that Robert De Niro is still a badass. I know Al Pacino can still kick my ass, even though he’s 200 years old. I get it, really.

There hasn’t been a stereotypical cop turns bad guy movie like this in a while, at least not one that’s this bad. I can’t recall an action cop-killer type movie of recent years that I didn’t absolutely hate. Until I sat through Righteous Kill, man, I’m sorry I did.

Those that have already seen the movie know what I’m talking about. Pacino and De Niro phone it in, the entire movie. And with a (barely) supporting cast like Leguizamo and Wahlberg, it’s no wonder everyone’s already forgotten about this flick. Do yourself a favor, and don’t waste any money on the DVD. It’s not even worth Netflixing it. This piss-poor excuse for a cop action drama should be immediately retired, and used to fill a pothole in Jersey somewhere. Skip it.


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