Rush Hour 3
Review written on: August 25th, 2005

Rush Hour 3 Review

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are back again. They’re back with more one liners, more kicks, more punches, and more action. But are they back with a better movie? Short answer, no.

While Rush Hour 3 is a decent movie on its own, it certainly doesn’t live up the series, or compare to the first movie, or even the second movie. Sure, it’s a lot of fun, and you laugh out loud a few times, but overall the story’s uninteresting, the characters (aside from Lee and Carter) are boring, and you couldn’t care less how the story ends. You just find yourself thinking (out loud at times) “kick someone in the face already.”

Some would argue that Jackie Chan’s losing his ability to wow people, as he gets older. I’d agree. Compare Jackie Chan ten years ago, to Jackie Chan now. Sure he still flies around, and dodges knives and whatnot. But you get the impression that he’s not quite as good as he used to be. He doesn’t move quite as fast, he’s not quite as clever with the objects he uses in battle, and his English certainly hasn’t gotten any better. He’s lived in America for a long long time, and yet he still sounds like he just got here.

Rush Hour 3 is an entertaining action movie that does what it’s supposed to. It shows you car chases, gun fights, and fist fights, all packed neatly into an hour and a half movie. They don’t try to stretch it too long, they don’t try to force some confusing story down your throat, and they don’t make you believe anything out of the ordinary. Oh, wait, that last bit’s not true. They try to make you believe that someone can fall from the Eiffel Tower, grab a flag on the way down, and coast down to the ground, without getting hurt. Sure.

The beginning of the movie has its funny moments. The first time we see Tucker, he’s directing traffic, while listening to his iPod, and singing and dancing in the street. Comical, but not laugh ’till your sides hurt funny. Jackie Chan kicks many asses, Chris Tucker makes many jokes. It’s what you’d expect from a Rush Hour movie. Do I think Brett Ratner could have done better? Sure. Do I think most everyone made this movie for the paycheck? Absolutely. Did I enjoy it anyway? Somewhat.

If you liked the first two movies, go see this one, too, just to say you did. But be warned, don’t expect to walk away thinking it’s the best of the series. It certainly is not, by any means. It’s fun for an hour and a half, but it’s not the type of movie where you’ll be telling your friends that they have to go see it, right now.


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