Review written on: October 22nd, 2005

Sahara Review

At 2 hours and 4 minutes, this movie was far too long. It was hard to keep my interest for that long when the characters are riding around in the desert. The storyline was interesting, but a little muddled. Rather than offering an “a-ha” moment when it all comes together, it merely falls into place and ends. I have a feeling this muddled quality comes from being based on a novel. Any film based on a novel tends to lose something in the change of medium.

All that being said, I love Matthew McConaughey and Steve Zahn. They make a great pair, and are convincing as old Navy buddies. Zahn has perfect comedic timing and McConaughey has a certain charisma about him that carries the movie along. Of course, William H. Macy is excellent in his role as Admiral Sandecker, but he’s excellent in anything he does.

Unfortunately, the movie didn’t hold up to my hopes for it. I had hoped it would be a treasure hunt similar to National Treasure. It fell short, however, and I think it’s because of the length. If they had squished the action into a shorter time period, the movie would have felt like an action movie instead of a stroll through the desert.


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