Scary Movie 4
Review written on: April 22nd, 2006

Scary Movie 4 Review

In yet another “poke fun at everyone” Scary Movie, writers Craig Mazin and Jim Abrahams leave no stone unturned. Scary Movie 4 compells movie goers to forget about what they’d typically expect to see at a movie, and just have fun.

Anna Faris returns as Cindy Campbell in the fourth installment of the Scary Movie barrage of movies, poking fun at movies such as War Of The Worlds, The Village, Brokeback Mountain, and many more.

The typical cameo filled series starts out the same way, with Shaq and Dr. Phil in the opening scene. Other cameo spots are filled by Charlie Sheen, Leslie Nielson, Simon Rex, Bill Pullman, Chingy, Anthony Anderson, Michael Madsen, James Earl Jones, Chris Elliot, Carmen Electra, Dave Attell, and Molly Shannon. Typical of a Scary Movie? Definitely.

As for the movie itself, I wasn’t expecting a nominee for next year’s Snobbies, nor was I even expecting to laugh all that much. And the outcome? I got exactly what I thought I would. The movie itself had a few points at which I laughed, but it’s by far something I’d consider recommending to anyone as a “hystical can’t miss” movie. It’s just not as entertaining. Far more entertaining than the dreaded Date Movie turned out to be. I guess you need all 6 of those writers to make it worth while.

In the end, I’d say this one’s something you can pass on for now. Maybe get it when it hits DVD, or cable.


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