Review written on: October 8th, 2006

Severance Review

While Christine and I were in London at the beginning of September, we saw posters and advertisements for this movie, everywhere. Sadly, to say, it’s not playing in the states anywhere, nor is it planned to be released (until someone wants to front some money for the rights to it, I’m sure).

Severance is one of this new “horror comedy” genre movies, where it’s so stupidly unscary, that it’s hysterical. If you liked Shaun Of The Dead, you will absolutely love this movie. While I had no idea what to expect going into it, it didn’t let me down. There were quite a few moments when I literally laughed out loud at the movie, which is rare for me to do.

The movie is about a team of sales people, who work for the European division of a international defense company, who are sent on a “team building” vacation to a remote location, on the side of a mount. We later find out, through rumor-filled stories, that the lodge they end up at, was an insane asylum back in the day, that got out of control. The government called in the very same company that these folks work for, to gas the whole place. They did, and killed everyone, except for “one prisoner”. This prisoner is keen on revenge, and has vowed to kill anyone from Palisades (the defense company) who crosses his path.

A bunch of bloody (yet not scary) deaths ensue, a bus crash, a 747 getting blown up, and some funny banter about escorts trying to get out of a 10 foot deep hole, using only their shirts and bras. Funny stuff.

While this movie has no ETA on being available in the states, if you have any chance to see it, definitely check it out. Knowing movie companies today, someone will buy the rights to this movie, ala Hostel, and release it here. Otherwise, if you’re overseas anytime soon, go check this out. Like I said, if you liked Shaun Of The Dead, this movie is definitely for you.


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