Sex and the City
Review written on: May 31st, 2008

Sex and the City Review

After four years, even the SATC girls had to change! Compressing the equivalent of an entire season in almost 2+ hours sounds like a tough job, don’t you think?

So what life-shattering events have taken place since we last saw them walking out of a busy New York coffee shop? A whole bunch!

Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) has further parlayed her successful writing career into full-fledged book authorship, penning two more tomes; Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) has managed to maintain the delicate balance between her workaholic nature in the cutthroat legal profession and being a loving wife and mother; Samantha (Kim Cattrall) ditched New York and took her business over to Los Angeles, where she deals almost exclusively with the career of her long-term boy toy; the baby girl who was about to be adopted by Charlotte (Kristin Davis) has now grown into a healthy and beautiful three-year-old.

As for the previously rocky relationship between Carrie and soul mate Big (Chris Noth), it is still going strong and a huge bomb gets dropped and it?s even better than anyone could hope for: they are finally set to wed! So, the penultimate single woman is set to settle down! But does everyone get the happy ending that they worked so hard for? Enter Carrie’s new personal assistant (Jennifer Hudson), who brings a refreshing new perspective on love and life, which is reminiscent of the earlier Bradshaw mentality.

Of course, what made this show so immensely popular had much to do with the frank and often raunchy conversations that these women had. Surprisingly, the notion of becoming both older and wiser will always be a work-in-progress for all of them, as they seem to encounter instances with the proverbial counting of the chickens before they have hatched. Obviously, as the characters age, their personalities evolve, and I will admit that some of it was less than endearing. Regardless, the bonds of friendship between them are still solid, even when the chips are down!

Nevertheless, I was a huge fan of the series and I am glad that they are finally attempting to tie up all loose ends and give their stories a satisfying and sweet sense of closure. But, there were definitely bumps along the way. My levels of exasperation were elevated at times and my friend was bawling her eyes out in the theater, but if was worth it!


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