Sin City
Review written on: September 1st, 2005

Sin City Review

All-star cast. Amazing cinematography. Incredible technology. Dialogue straight out of an old fifties flick. All in all, this movie rocked.

First of all, any movie that starts with Josh Hartnett’s voice is ok by me. The opening scene is attention-grabbing, to say the least. Everything is in black and white, and it actually looks as if the actors have wandered into the pages of a comic book (or graphic novel, as you have it). The only bits of color are the bright red of the woman’s dress, and the flash of green in her eyes when she looks up. I’d say it’s among the most memorable opening scenes of any movie in the past ten years.

The rest of the movie follows in the same fashion – black and white with flashes of color. The red of the sheets, the gold of a woman’s hair, white blood, red blood, yellow blood. Basically a lot of blood. There are several stories we follow throughout the movie, with barely overlapping storylines. There’s Marv – the huge, ugly guy out for revenge. Then there’s Dwight – a man out to protect women at any cost. Of course there’s also Hartigan – the cop with the heart of gold.

Some interesting casting choices were made for this film. I mean, Jessica Alba as a stripper isn’t a reach…but Elijah Wood as a silent, fast-moving cannibal? Brittany Murphy as a barmaid with too many boyfriends is one thing, but Carla Gugino as a perpetually naked parole officer? Yet somehow, it all made sense. Some of the standout performances were Clive Owen as Dwight, Nick Stahl as Roarke Jr/Yellow Bastard, and Devon Aoki as Miho, a hooker with a knack for swordfighting.

This movie is a must-see. I’d say it’s the best movie I’ve seen this summer since Mr. & Mrs. Smith.


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