Sky High
Review written on: December 2nd, 2005

Sky High Review

Walt Disney is at it again, making those wholesome family movies so families like mine can sit around, eat popcorn and be entertained. They have missed the mark on some occasions but Sky High is a fun one. It’s not a major box office draw or even a film that you will remember 2 years from now, but if you have kids you will want to check it out.

Sky High is the story of Will Stronghold (Michael Angarano), who’s parents are the famous superheroes “The Commander” (Kurt Russell) and “Jetstream” (Kelly Preston). Will is sent to a high school that is only attended by children of superheroes. These children find out what their super powers are and are divided into two groups, Heroes and Sidekicks, based on what their super powers are. The super powers themselves are often humorous, such as the boy that melts like a popsicle, a girl that morphs into a guinea pig, or Warren Peace who gets hot and starts throwing fire. Will takes awhile but finds out his super powers and is pushed into action against high school foes and finally the big showdown to save his parents and world from destruction.

There was plenty of action in this satirical comedy to keep the young ones happy. There are lots of special effects with all the super powers happening, although my daughter said that they resembled scenes from the Power Rangers. I think there was also a noteworthy performance from funny guy Dave Foley. His charactor Mr. Boy (formally known as Mr. All American Boy) was hilarious. There were a few nice cameo appearances from familiar faces Cloris Leachman and Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter).

The movie was fun and entertaining but lacked in substance, which is just fine for the age group it is trying to reach (also fine for me when I don’t really care to get into anything very deep). It seemed at times that it was more of a made-for-tv movie rather than than a theater show. But hey…it’s Disney and they are still the experts at finding their audience and making us smile and laugh.”


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